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Why Do Cartridges Get Clogged and How to Solve This Issue

If you have been vaping for some time, there is a huge chance you may have had to deal with a clogged cartridge. For those new to vaping, the first time you experience this will be shocking, you may think you have done something wrong or may have got the instructions mixed up. But this is not the case. If you’re wondering why do vape pens clog, this article will highlight some reasons why it happens and how to solve it.

Why Your Cartridges Clog

A. Hardened Concentrates

One of the main reasons why vape devices clog is because the concentrate you use has hardened within the coil chamber. You will know your device is clogged when the airflow is partially or completely blocked. One of the best things you can do in a situation like this is to ensure your battery is properly charged. Once you have enough battery juice, activate the coil to heat the hardened concentrate and melt it. That should solve the problem.

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B. Watch Out for Heat

Another common reason why vape cartridges get clogged is due to temperature. When the weather gets really cold like during the peak of the winter season, the chances of your vape device getting clogged are high. However, the colder seasons are not only to be blamed. When the concentrate gets extremely hot, the chances of clogging too are also possible. This happens because the heat causes the concentrate to flow into airflow holes which can lead to clogging and leakage. We recommend storing your cartridge in a place at room temperature.

C. Don’t Draw too Hard

Another reason why your cartridge can get clogged up is due to taking deep, hard puffs. Many vapers – especially cloud chasers – take strong hits to blow huge clouds. While these clouds may look impressive, they can also cause your cartridges to get clogged. This happens because inhaling too hard cause sthe pulling of more oil than is getting vaporized. This will result in not only clogging but leaks. It is best to pull gently when vaping. If you enjoy chasing clouds there are other ways of achieving your cloud goals. You can opt for e-liquids with a higher concentration of VG, as they are ideal for producing massive clouds of vapor.

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