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Vinci Q Pod by VooPoo Review

If you are a vaping enthusiast, then you must have used or at least heard about VooPoo. This brand has some of the best vape systems on the market and is especially popular in the UK. VooPoo is known for quality and innovation when it comes to vape hardware. In this post, we will discuss the features of one of the newest VooPoo products, the Vinci Q pod. This pod offers better flavors and a unique ITO atomization technique. The Vinci Q pod will ensure you enjoy every vape session.


The Vinci Q pod features an appealing youthful design that is just cool like the PInk vape device. This vaping system will fit into your hands and pockets easily without weighing it down. The Vinci Q pod is available In 6 macaron colors including Crystal Blue, Charming Pink, Ceramic White, Seagull Grey, Vibrate Orange, and Moss Green.

The Vinci Q pod is made with high-quality materials like all other VooPoo systems on the market. This vaping pod is made with two high-end plastic, ABS and PC giving it a multi-later texture and trendy look. The materials used in making the Vinci Q pod also make it one of the lightest pod systems available today. The perks of these materials are that the Vinci Q pod is sturdy and will not fade, and its colors will remain vibrant. The Vinci Q pod also is wear and fall resistant, so it will remain new for a long time. This vape device also features oil-proof and dust-proof. The Vinci Q pod also comes fingerprint-proof. The light comes on with each puff you take with the Vinci Q pod.


The Vinci Q pod device comes with the new and upgraded VINCI cartridge. Unlike previous versions of this cartridge, this one is made with the newest technology developed by the VooPoo lab. This cartridge is designed to maximize the atomizing effect of coils while ensuring the taste is intact. The new VINCI cartridge ensures that you get a more delicate and rich flavor with every session. The Vinci Q Pod comes with 11 to 15W of adaptive power that automatically matches the best power to the cart.


The Vinci Q pod performs excellently and features two vaping modes including button and auto. You can put this device on by either pressing the fire button or by taking a drag. The Vinci Q pod also comes fitted with the GENE chip, so it works excellently and offers a smooth airway. The GENE chip also ensures that the Vinci Q pod works fast, you can get a draw in one millisecond. And this chip also features a very sensitive atomizer that guarantees fast ignition every time.


Like other VooPoo systems, the Vinci Q pod is designed with different protective features. Examples of these are overtime protection, short-circuit protection, output over-current protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature, and overcharge protection.

The Vinci Q Pod is also designed with an upgraded leakage-proof design. This device features the upgraded Drag Nano 2, which is designed with a compact leakage-proof structure.


The Vinci Q pod vape device comes fitted with a 900 mAh battery. This battery is designed to work for long sessions lasting a whole day. This battery charges fast and works with a Type-C charging port.


Like other VooPoo vape systems, the Vinci Q pod is widely available for sale. You will get this vape system at any store where you can get the PInk vape device for sale. Or you can visit the VooPoo online store directly, where it sold for $14.99. You can also buy other products from the VooPoo brand via this store.

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