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Best E-liquid flavors overall…

Ok, so I had to start adding more content about the best e-liquid flavors overall so that you as a new reader know that it’s not all about tobacco e-liquid flavors or menthol e-liquid flavors although you may be some what new to vaping e-juice. So this section will be all about the best e-liquid flavors online. I have to say first that personally as an ex-smoker I did very much like menthol flavors personally, but I did start to enjoy many other vape juice flavors that were not menthol, but deserts, fruit, candy, coffee, and others.

I’ll be covering the best fruit e-liquid flavors. I’ll break down the best fruit flavors out there for you fresh fruit lovers of course. There are tons of fruit blends and straight fruit flavors that just rock, and if you don’t know better, I think some of the best flavors are just clean fruit tasting flavors, or a few blends that are like fruit smoothies…

I’ll cover the best menthol flavors, if it be fruit, mint, tobacco, coffee?, or any other crazy menthol flavors whether the be bad or good, believe me we will not sell you on all flavors, if some suck and taste like shit in our opinion we’ll tell you so, and you can chime in and agree or disagree and defend your flavor, it’s up to you.

We’ll go over our favorite candy flavors, that remind us so much of our youth, like chocolate bars, gummy bears, sour patch kids, bubble gum, etc etc, on this one…

Deserts are a huge and warm baked at home category that we will definitely cover with the utmost care of a momma bear, so that you don’t think we are some soul selling entity, we care not about anything but letting you know about the best flavors, as it’s our passion…not a greed thing.

Coffee, oh one of our very favorites, being coffee addicts and loving the various vaping juices that combine with our morning starbucks or local coffee vendor.

And of course tobacco for the newbies exiting the smoking arena that we love to death, because you are us, a month ago, a year ago, a few years ago, and we want you to vape like us and be stoked you finally quit the ultimate death sentence.