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Vanilla Almond Milk by Kilo Moo Series Review

It does not get any more creamy than a glass of almond milk with creamy vanilla flavor. That is the taste that is expertly captured in Vanilla Almond Milk from Kilo E-Liquids. The is possibly the best e-juice on the market currently with vanilla flavor. The mix is done perfectly. No one flavor is overpowering in the blend. Instead, they all come together to create a heavenly taste. This is the kind of e-liquid that you will want to vape all day when you are on holiday. The flavor is so good that you may find yourself ordering more not to run out of it.

Vanilla Almond Milk tastes exactly how is it supposed to. The vanilla flavor in this blend is quite rich, and you can’t miss it. The almond flavor is more subtle, but it is there. The milkiness is more in the background and lingers throughout. The taste is spot on. The taste of this e-juice does not change very much on the inhale and exhale, even when you are vaping at a high wattage with a device like the Smok G-Priv Premium Mod Kit 220W TC. You can taste the vanilla, milk, and almond flavor right from the inhale but the vanilla sits on top of them all. On the exhale, the almond flavor becomes more clearly defined and adds a nutty flavor to the blend. When you vape this e-juice at a high wattage, it tastes more creamy. There is absolutely no weird chemical aftertaste when vaping Vanilla Almond Milk.

Kilo’s Vanilla Almond Milk has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. You can choose to drip this e-juice or vape it from a tank and get the same good flavor. The vapor production of this e-liquid from Kilo is commendable. If you are a cloud chaser, you will not be let down by the clouds you get from vaping this e-liquid. There are other e-liquids out there with better vapor production but this one if not the worst.

Vanilla Almond Milk comes in different nicotine concentration levels so that everyone can enjoy this creamy goodness. You can get this e-liquid with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. It does not come with a higher nicotine concentration, but the version with 6mg will do to deliver a satisfying throat hit to hardcore vapers. For most people, 3mg of nicotine is enough. The throat hit that you get from vaping the version of the Kilo e-juice with 3mg of nicotine is smooth. There is absolutely no irritation or harshness in your throat.

Vanilla Almond Milk comes in the same bottle with other e-liquids in the Kilo Moo Series. The only way to differentiate one from the other is to read the colorful label on the bottle. The bottle is transparent, so you will not have any problems checking the level of the e-liquid remaining. Also, it comes with a childproof dripper cap so it is safe and can be transferred to your tank or coil without spillage. This e-liquid usually has a nice amber color when you purchase it meaning that it may have been pre-steeped.

Vanilla Almond Milk is just one of the remarkable e-liquid blends in the Kilo Moo Series. The other e-juice flavors in the line are Banana Milk, Neapolitan Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Blueberry Milk. Kilo E-Liquids has other noteworthy e-juice blends in its collection. This company is one of the major names in the US vaping market today.

It costs about $20 to $25 for a 60ml bottle of Vanilla Almond Milk in most online vape stores. But you can get it on Smokly for only 18.90.

Michael Scott