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Review: Experience Vaping Blissful Journey With the Geek Bar Plus

Geek Bar has upped the standard in the ever-changing vaping landscape with their latest innovation, the Geek Bar Pulse 15000. You’re in for a treat if you’re looking for a vaping experience that flawlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, futuristic design, and a selection of tempting flavors. Give your taste buds a treat with this vape’s great flavors and experience a new level in your vaping journey. This comprehensive review delves into every aspect of the Geek Bar Pulse Vape, from its specifications and unique features to the delectable Geek Bar Pulse flavors that have swept the vaping community.

Geek Bar Pulse Vape Specifications

Pulse Mode: 20W Power Best

This vape’s revolutionary PULSE Mode, a scientific marvel that produces an ideal 20W power output, ensures a vaping experience unlike any other. This model has been painstakingly designed to create a good balance between flavor preservation and vapor output, making it appealing to both flavor connoisseurs and cloud chasers.

Each draw offers a wonderful blend of delicate aromas and pleasing vapor density, amplified by the well-calibrated 20W power. The PULSE Mode is the device’s pulsating heart, propelling it to the pinnacle of unrivaled vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength: 5%

The Geek Bar Pulse Vape has a nicotine dosage of 5%, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to providing a satisfying vaping session. This concentrate strikes a careful balance, offering a satisfying throat punch while remaining smooth and pleasurable overall.

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper with refined tastes or just starting out, the 5% nicotine dosage in this vape offers a consistently satisfying sensation with every puff. It appeals to a wide range of people, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a well-rounded and delightful vaping experience.

E-liquid Capacity: 16mL

This vape features a large 16mL e-liquid capacity, allowing for an extended vaping experience. This large reservoir reduces the need for regular refills, making it ideal for vapers who value uninterrupted enjoyment and on-the-go convenience.

The large e-liquid capacity means this vape keeps up with your vaping habits, giving a continuous and seamless experience without needing constant refilling. It’s a reservoir that fits the device’s capabilities, ensuring a vaping experience that suits your tastes.

Display: Different Cosmic-Style Animations

This vape incorporates cosmic-style animations that smoothly come to life during vaping and charging, adding a visual spectacle to your vaping sessions. This futuristic display provides a layer of visual delight and elevates the gadget to status symbol status for vaping enthusiasts.

The cosmic-style animation creates an immersive environment, making each vaping session a unique experience. This vape goes above and beyond utility, embracing the creative aspects of vaping and setting a new benchmark for visually appealing devices.

Comfortability: High-Comfort, Bite-Friendly Mouthpiece

This vape has a high-comfort, bite-friendly mouthpiece that prioritizes user comfort. This mouthpiece, with a transparent shell design and materials of moderate hardness, guarantees a pleasant vaping experience even during extended sessions.

The careful design improves comfort and adds to the device’s user-friendliness. Vapers can enjoy their favorite flavors without sacrificing comfort, making this vape an excellent choice for sensory delight and ergonomic design.


This vape is more than a device; it’s a work of art in terms of invention, design, and flavor. This vape has become an industry game-changer with its amazing specifications, innovative features, and enticing choice of top-tier flavors. The Geek Bar Pulse vape is a must-try for individuals who want excellence in every draw, whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a novice seeking a superb experience.

With this vape, you’ll enter a new level of vaping, where technology meets flavor, and satisfaction knows no bounds. If you’re looking for a reliable online store to cop your own Geek Bar Pulse Vape, West Coast Vape Supply is where to go.