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TAAT Review: This Brand Will Change Everything You Know About CBD Cigarettes

CBD consumption has been prevalent in the last decade, and for good reasons. The cannabinoid promises a myriad of benefits ranging from better sleep to combating mental conditions. What’s more, early research indicates that it might be essential in fighting addiction. CBD is consumed in different forms; it can be incorporated in edibles, ingested sublingually, applied typically, or vaped. But did you know that you can get all the benefits of CBD by smoking hemp?

CBD smoking is the newest trend, and it involves smoking hemp flowers. This helps harness the therapeutic benefits the compound offers while weaning off tobacco and nicotine-based cigarettes. Hemp/CBD cigarettes make a big difference in health statistics by assisting people to quit conventional cigarettes for safer and healthier alternatives.

A top brand in this sector is TAAT. The company is at the front line of producing hemp cigarettes that provide the same experience as regular cigarettes. Research studies indicate that even though millions of people would like to quit smoking tobacco, it is not as easy as it seems. Cigarette smoking comes with its rituals that become hard to put behind. The taste of tobacco and various flavors, the oral fixation of the sticks, the crackling sound made once the sticks are ignited, and the flicking of the ashes as the cigarettes burn slowly. These traditions make it nearly impossible to cease smoking.

This is why TAAT has come up with patented products that mimic the same experience provided by regular cigarettes. The brand’s products have the same flavor as Marlboro, Winston, American Spirit, Newport, and Pall Mall. You get to experience the same scent, taste, and smoking experience without nicotine or tobacco. How is this possible?

Well, TAAT utilizes top minds to make a proprietary blend of ingredients that mimic the taste, feel, and experience of regular cigarettes. The CBD cigarettes are made of hemp, water (provides moisture for an even burn), and FDA-approved food-grade ingredients. Using top-of-the-line technology, scientists at TAAT make hemp cigarettes that are the best alternative to conventional cigarettes. All this is done without compromising the overall quality of the end product.

Are you convinced yet? Each TAAT cigarette consists of up to 25% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. Imagine enjoying numerous sticks of cigarettes without having to think about harmful substances like nicotine or tobacco. Even better, imagine smoking these hemp cigarettes without worrying about intoxication. The low THC levels guarantee that the consumers benefit from all CBD has to offer without experiencing an altered state of mind. Isn’t that awesome?

Making a switch from regular to hemp cigarettes can be daunting at first. However, making the bold step is the only way to cut off harmful substances from your life and embrace a safer alternative. You can achieve all this without giving up on the rituals you are used to. What’s more, by visiting trytaat.com, you get a chance to have the first pack free of charge. What other brand offers this?

Tobacco consumption is an addictive and expensive habit. Making the change today improves your health and saves you some bucks while at it. TAAT packs (smooth, original, and menthol) retail at $6.99, while the carton containing ten boxes is available at $59.99. Wholesale purchases are encouraged at discounted prices. With TAAT, you get a better, healthier, and top-quality alternative at the lowest prices. The brand offers free shipping for all orders above $40.