Top 3 Apple e-Juice


Everyone loves a great apple flavor with a good hit and a great vape. There are 3 flavors the internet community is talking about that bring a satisfying and great tasting vape.

Apple rings e-juice by Mount Baker Vapor

This e-juice has been said to be an absolute apple lover’s delight. Individuals looking for that sweet and sour candy flavor will find what they are looking for with this brand.

Overall Flavor:

Many of those who were reviewed about this flavor were surprised that they were satisfied with the taste without any additional flavor shots. They also mentioned that it has the perfect balance of sweet and sour.


Apple lovers will delight in the aroma as soon as they open the box!

Throat Hit and Vapor:

You will be pleasantly surprised with the exceptional throat hit you get that gives you the ultimate vapor production you want in a decent vape.

Appletini by VaporFi

Appletini e-liquid could be the true apple taste that many individuals want for an overall satisfying e-cig smoke.

Overall Flavor:

E-cig users will enjoy the crisp and fresh taste in this flavor because it is just like that of a real apple. The true taste of an apple can now be experienced in a satisfying e-cig smoke.

Throat Hit and Vapor:

The words that best describes the throat hit with this e-juice is pure satisfaction. You will want to vape this one as much as possible because it is just that good and the vapor cloud is supreme. Try some today!

Green Apple by Mount Baker

Not only has this flavor been proven to have great taste it has also shown to have one of the best vapor productions on the market.

Overall Flavor:

Those looking for 100% apple taste for a satisfying smoke they may want to take a 2nd look at Green Apple e-liquid. People are raving about this delicious green apple taste, even those who do not normally like green apple taste have fallen in love with the flavor.

Throat Hit and Vapor:

E-cig smokers are not disappointed with this e-juice because it not only has the flavor you want, it’s throat hit is on the money! Too top it all off the vapor production rounds everything up for the most enhanced vaping experience. Try Mt Baker Apple here!

Overall Thoughts:

It is easy to see that there are several different options available for those looking for apple e-liquid. To find that perfect apple taste, vapes may also experiment with using added flavor shots to enhance the apple taste and achieve the vape they are looking for.


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