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Best Menthol E-Liquid

Best Menthol E-Liquid Flavors

If you were a smoker, and you loved menthol cigs like Newports, Kools, or some other classic menthol flavor smoke, then when you’re vaping you’re gonna probably love the menthol e-liquid flavors the best. Now you’ll be blown away by some of my favorite menthol flavors because now you don’t have to stick with that minty fresh style flavor if you don’t want to. I know tons of people who love some of the fruit menthol flavors like cherry, grape, and watermelon.

However, if you’re like me some that fresh wintergreen style menthol flavor is what you’re all about. So this e-liquid review is about my one of my favorite classic menthol ejuice flavors and where you can grab them. So first I have to start with my favorite extra strength menthol e-liquid flavor. It’s from a well known brand called Halo, no not the video game, but it still kicks ass. Halo puts out some of the best vape juice that are closest to cigarette flavors I would say, so if that’s what you’re looking for definitely start there. The best menthol e-liquid flavor I’m talking about is the mighty Subzero.

SubZero E-liquid by Halo

Best menthol e-liquidThis is by far the best menthol e-liquid on the market. It has that classic menthol taste times three. It’s super intense, fresh, and has that classic mint taste. It’s very refreshing and you can grab a small 7ml bottle for just $5.99, but I definitely recommend the 30ml bottle because I can vape 7ml in a few hours…ha ha…It comes in all the nicotine percentages from 0 up to 24, which is a bit strong but to each their own right.

So how does it taste? Well SubZero is by far the flavor is sweet and refreshing, with almost a hint of citrus flavors. After taking a drag, the throat hit is lightened by the ridiculously smooth and cooling menthol flavor. The menthol allows you to feel the vapor in your chest, and gives an incredible vaping experience. Not to mention that it produces huge amounts of vapor, no matter what you’re using it in. This flavor has a clean, icy menthol with a strong throat hit.

You can grab the best menthol e-liquid here at HaloEcigs SubZero where you can see for yourself it has a crazy 526 five star reviews.