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Smok Nord Replacement Coils Review

Are you looking for a replacement coil for your Smok Nord? You are at the right place now! Top-quality Smok Nord replacement coils are available at https://ejuice.deals. These vape coils are available with different resistance; 0.6 or 1.4 ohms. They are made from premium quality materials and are specifically designed to deliver excellent performance. Smok Nord replacement coils are compatible with the ultra-portable Nord pod system.

Smok Nord replacement coils are available for regular freebase nicotine, nicotine salts and CBD e-liquids. These vape coils are made of premium quality stainless steel and have organic cotton wicks. They have a plug and plays design. O-rings provided at both top and bottom ends to prevent leaks. There are three types of coils available for you to choose from, depending on your vaping style.

Smok Nord Regular Replacement Coil: It has 1.4 ohm resistance. It is a perfect choice for Mouth to Lung (MLT) vaping. The flavor production is pretty good and the vapor production is pretty decent. You can vape at a maximum of 12W and can enjoy a throat hit similar to smoking.

Smok Nord Mesh Replacement Coil: It has 0.6 ohm resistance and is ideal for sub-ohm vaping. This coil produces high-quality flavor and massive vapor production. You can enjoy a true Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping experience even though the airflow is a bit slow. The maximum vaping wattage is 25W. This vape coil has two mesh coil cores to support faster heating, strong flavor production, and huge clouds.

Smok Nord Ceramic Replacement Coil: It has a resistance of 1.4 ohms. These high-temperature resistant coils are best for CBD vaping. The ceramic coils produce good flavor and excellent vapor. It is extremely durable compared to the other coils.

The lifespan of most coils depends on the usage, most have a lifespan of around 1 to 3 weeks. If you take good care of the coils, you can increase the life of coils a bit. Practicing basic maintenance for the coils before and after vaping is important. This way, you can save money while you enjoy a desirable and fresh flavor all day long.

Smok Nord Replacement Coils are available for purchase in a pack of 5. You can buy your favorite replacement coil online from Ejuice Deals at a very competitive price. Regular 1.4 Ohm coils are available at the Ejuice Deals online store for just $14.99 while Mesh 0.6 Ohm and Ceramic 1.4 Ohm cost $15.99. Make sure you change the coil of your vaping devices on time. Buy the correct coil for your device from authorized sellers like Ejuice Deals. Ejuice Deals provides fast delivery services to all states in the United States.

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