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Review of Blueberry Crumb by Good n’ Evil

The Blueberry Crumb by Good n’ Evil is one of the best e-juices that you can find at Strictly Juice. It is the perfect mix of blueberry crumble dessert flavor in a bottle. You can easily order this e-liquid online.

The refreshing taste coming from this e-juice is perfect for all seasons. It contains a unique blend of blueberry crumble that is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. It is an e-juice for all day vaping and it feels like you are having a dessert from its flavor all the time.

You begin to taste the blueberry once you inhale the juice. The taste still remains in your mouth even after exhaling. What’s great about this is you do not experience any chemical after taste from the e-liquid. It is hard to resist given the rich flavor of this e-juice. You just keep wanting for more.

Blueberry Crumb by Good n’ Evil is designed to give you a mild throat hit. You do not get tired of its taste right away. As you inhale the juice, you can feel a small sensation at the back of your throat which is not bad at all. Your mouth does not get dry with this e-juice and you will not feel thirsty while vaping it. We all know that dryness of the mouth and the feeling of thirst when vaping can be a bad experience. You can actually taste the genuine flavor of the fruit in your mouth. The exquisite blend from this e-juice is very satisfying. It just makes you feel like having dessert at any time of the day.

Blueberry Crumb by Good n’ Evil has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80vg/20pg. You can drip or vape this e-juice but still get the same great taste. You will get dense and flavorful vapor from vaping this e-juice. You will also love this e-liquid if you are a cloud chaser. The clouds do not disappear right away when vaping Blueberry Crumb. The scent of blueberries also lingers behind even if the clouds have already disappeared.  The smell of the e-juice also does not irritate your nose.

This e-juice has three nicotine levels that you can choose from; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. A stronger hit can be experienced when you use an e-juice with a higher level of nicotine. For those who have been heavy smokers would opt to try an e-juice with a lower level of nicotine yet with a significant hit. If you want to enjoy more of the flavor and do not experience the hit, the 0mg level is the best one for you to try.

Good n’ Evil e-juices come with eye-catching packaging. The flavor of the e-liquid is clearly indicated on the bottle with its logo. The nicotine level and the bottle capacity are also clearly printed on the bottle. The bottle of Blueberry Crumb by Good n’ Evil has a dropper style cap. This makes filling the tanks so easy and it does not spill the contents of the bottle.

It is always a fun experience when you explore different flavors of e-juices. There are different types of Strictly Juice website and Good n’ Evil products can be purchased there. You also will be surprised at how many other flavors there are to choose from on the company’s website. You can definitely purchase the Blueberry Crumb online for only $18.99 per 60ml bottle. This cheap price gives you the rich flavor of blueberry crumb dessert and is definitely worth a try.

You can actually taste the actual flavor of blueberry crumb dessert from this e-juice. It has a straightforward description of what the mix is about. The taste will tantalize your taste buds and is perfect for an everyday vape. This exquisite blend has a reasonable price. There is no weird aftertaste when you exhale the juice. This e-juice also has a pleasant smell that does not irritate your nose. It really worth a try and you will be satisfied with the rich flavor of this product.