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Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Vape Review


West Coast Vape Supply is a US-based company specializing in vape juice supply. The company only sells vape brands to help millions of people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. While there are various vape brands, West Coast Vape Supply is unique because the firm sells premium vape brands at great prices.


West Coast Vape Supply is aware that tobacco smoking is not about taking puffs. Nonetheless, it reduces harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes.


West Coast Vape Supply has introduced Mr. Fog Max Air disposable vape. This disposal vape gives you the delicious flavors and performance you’re looking for. Even though Mr Fog Max Air disposable is a temporary device, it is one of the best disposable vapes on the market


Product Description


Mr. Fog is a disposal vape supplied by West Coast Vape Supply. This vaping device has delicious tastes and allows you to enjoy up to 3,000 puffs. This device is also ultra-portable, small, and lightweight, which makes it convenient to carry and store when, not in use



Mr Fog is cylindrical in design and anti-leak, providing you with a wide range of flavors and tastes. West Coast Vape Supply Mr. Fog also has the adjustable airflow and a mesh coil, the latest technology in the vaping sector.

It also has a capacity of 8ml vape juice and 50mg of tobacco-free nicotine. Since Mr Fog disposable vape is tobacco-free nicotine, it doesn’t have toxins commonly related to tobacco. This device doesn’t have a smell that supports enhanced flavor.


Battery Capacity

Even though Mr. Fog is portable, it has an integrated battery of 1100mAh and premium vape juice to provide value for your money. You’ll get a delicious 3,000 puffs and mesh coil to ensure to improving your vaping experience



Mr. Fog disposable vape has various flavors to meet your preferences. Common flavors include;

Apple Grape Ice: This flavor allows you to stay fresh throughout the day with three exquisite tastes of sweet grapes, crisp apple, and a menthol twist.

Peach Blue Raspberry Ice: This flavor comprises delicious vapes to fill your airways with a fulfilling blend of cold-as-ice-menthol, blue raspberry, and peaches.

Peach Pineapple Ice: This flavor leaves you with remarkable tastes of tropical pineapple, juiciest peaches, and cool menthol. The splendid blend of flavors will be your all-time favorite.

Peach Strawberry Watermelon Ice: This fantastic vape combines mouthwatering watermelons, ice-cold menthol, luscious strawberries, and juiciest peaches.


Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice: Get satisfying vaping with wonderland tastes of sweet strawberry, juicy cherry, freezing menthol, and tart raspberries.


Watermelon Kiwi Ice:  If you’re looking simple vape with a big flavor. Watermelon kiwi ice is yours to go to vape with tastes of watermelons, cool menthol, and kiwi.


Product Features

  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Coil mesh
  • 50mg tobacco-free nicotine
  • 8mL vape juice capacity
  • 1100 mAh integrated battery
  • Pre-filled
  • Pre-charged
  • 3000 puffs
  • Disposable design
  • Delicious tastes




Price and Availability


You can get the best deal for a pack of Mr. Fog Max Air disposable vapes for only $15.75 at this online store, West Coast vape supply. You also get free shipping for products more than $100.



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