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Most Popular Electronic Cigarette Flavors

Getting hooked on to an e cig is a process in itself but once you develop the habit there is no looking back for sure. In the case of e cig there are various kinds of smokers: the heavy ones, light ones and the ones’ who are smoking because of an old practice and are done with the nicotine content present in cigs. Then we also have the experimental kind of smokers and the ones who are comfortable in their ease zone when it comes to trying out new models and flavors. But again for those who are experimental, love to try something new and popular and are trend setters, this page has some unique piece of information. Through this web page we are going to provide you with the details of some popular e cig flavors in market.

While looking for information on top e cig flavors one must always keep in mind few basics like the nicotine concentration one is looking for as each smoker has a varied set of needs as well as taste. We hope that you are already aware of the fact that one can always fluctuate the nicotine dose level  the details of which are: Nicotine free which has 0 mg/ml and has just Propylene glycol or vegetable glycol, then 4- 8 mg/ml which is low strength, 10- 14 mg/ml which is like mid strength, 16- 18 mg/ml which is high strength and the last one 24- 54 mg/ml which is a very strong dose.

Among the flavors one can explore a whole range between tobacco to menthol. Usually smokers start with menthol flavor, whatever brand they take. One reason is that it’s a safe bet, it’s refreshing and good. Then you can also switch to vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana, and coffee.  The idea is one should pick the flavor as per the mood because one can actually give a kick to the mood with these variety of flavors like when low you can actually get a lift from vanilla or chocolate flavor, while for crispness and freshness mint can be good choice.

Some of the top rated flavors are being made by the following vendors in the year 2014. First one in the list would be Halo who is providing with a range of 24 flavors available in all the strengths mentioned above. Their popular flavors are twisted Java, Menthol Ice, premium freedom juice, and midnight apple. Their quality products are available in bottles that have date and stamp and are FDA approved. Then after Halo would be Vapor zone and the top e liquids being recommended by various users would comprise of a custom blend, frozen banana, then watermelon and apple lemon candy crushes, toffee tobacco, creamy menthol and many more. Vapor zone supplies easy, simple things and allows its customers to custom blend the liquids. Then in the list we also have the flavors being provided by Virgin Vapor and Crystal Canyon. Then NicQuid has a complete range of premium e liquids followed by Mt Baker vapor flavors.

Hope the information was useful! Enjoy vaping.