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What March e-juice Fruit Flavor should you try?

Don’t know where to start? Read all our reviews to get what fruity e-juice we think is best for you this month!

Fruit e-liquids often contain flavors compatible with tobacco such as apple, cherry, and peach. E-liquids with these flavors are often good choices for former pipe smokers. With all of the different food-grade flavors available, there is virtually no limit to the different tastes possible in this e-liquid category.

There are plenty of flavors! So which one should you try? Well, sit back, relax and see if we can match up a flavor to your personality! Be sure to share which one you got for you from our suggestions below, we want to know!

Best 3 e-Juices for March Flavorings are here-

Bomb Sauce E-Liquid – Alien Piss 2

Flavor Profile: Strawberry Lemonade


Bottle Size: 30, 60, 120ml
VG/PG: 70/30
Nicotine Level: 0, 3, 6 mg
Price: $21 (30ml) / $29 (60ml)  / $29 (120ml)

Alien Piss 2 is a combination of lemon and Strawberry, and the first thing you’ll notice when vaping it is that it contains quite a bit of Strawberry indeed. No, not quite as much as a true “super Strawberry ”, but definitely more than some of the other Strawberry Lemonade e-liquids that I have tried and been disappointed by. The second thing you’ll notice if you open the bottle and start vaping right away as I did, is the taste of furniture polish. But this has a perfect Lemonade pop that is just accurate. The strawberry adds here for the perfect sweetness to this simple yet flavorful combo.


VaporFi Orange Crash

PG/VG Ratio – 50/50 .70/30 and Max VG
Flavor strength – Single shot, Double shot, Triple shot

Price: $15.99 at VaporFi

Orange Creamsicle is an e-juice from Virgin Vapor’s new Virgin line.The brightness and flavor of a juicy orange are unmatched, until now. Orange Creamsicle flavor is guaranteed to make you smitten. It is perfect for the morning or for a midday burst of sunshine in Orange Crash features every drop of this delicious ripe flavor with everything but the pulp.

The Absolute Virgin line uses a different type of organic flavoring agent, which contains no grain alcohol and is said to be far more potent, only requiring 1-2 drops of flavor per ml of e-liquid. Because the Absolute Virgin e-liquids contain a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin, therefore, they should have higher vapor production than the standard Virgin Vapor e-liquids. Given my previous experience with Virgin Vapor’s products, I’d say the claim of higher vapor production is true, but the difference is slight.Although some e-juice flavors can be grabbed in vegetable glycerin, some also require grain alcohol — which doesn’t generate a lot of vapor when used in an e-liquid and also can occasionally be harsh on the throat (which some people like, but that’s another story).

BIGFinDEAL Berry Burst by eSnaxx

PG/VG Ratio – MAX VG
Bottle Size – 120ml

Price: $25 at vapin in the cape

Blueberry e-liquid as containing “the sweetness of blueberries” and “the perfect touch of brown candy – perfect Strawberry chewy candy flavor  .” At first glance, I must admit that the description didn’t sound particularly exciting to me. When I tasted the e-liquid, though, I quickly became a convert. I’ve only reviewed one blueberry e-liquid before. It was a Vapor product sold by a local retailer, and I thought it was pretty mediocre. Up in eSnaxx’s version is far better — it tastes strikingly realistic without any overbearing sweetness.


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