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Liquid Culture By Coast 2 Coast Mycology

Mushroom Cultivations

Growing your own mushrooms is a fun way to strengthen your bond with these amazing fungi. When fungi are fed, cared for, and constantly watched as they develop, a relationship of consumption is changed to one of interspecies reciprocity.

Fungiphiles (mushroom lovers) of all abilities can cultivate mushrooms with limited space and resources. There are fantastic books, videos, and online forums where you may connect with like-minded people, post queries, and access information.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of a diy mushroom growing kit on the kitchen counter or a more advanced mycology nerd, Coast 2 Coast Mycology grow kits, liquid cultures, and cultivation supplies will get you started.

About the Product

By harnessing genetics that researchers can only imagine, Coast 2 Coast Mycology has created a liquid spore that raises the bar. C2C has unlocked the code with more than 20 years of combined experience in mushroom research, genetic isolation, and cultivation and now offers artisan mycelium culture isolations that provide a high-quality, effective experience.

Mycology Liquid Cultures: What are they? The Liquid Culture by Coast 2 Coast Mycology is liquid spores filled in syringes, making it possible to inject and uniformly distribute the culture in the substrate easily. According to Coast 2 Coast Mycology’s genetics library, you have various alternatives when cultivating your own mushrooms, which range from Lion’s Mane Liquid Culture to Pink Oyster Liquid Culture to Shitake Liquid Culture.

Liquid cultures are a relatively new way to store and utilize mycelium without the challenges of traditional agar plates. It is incredibly versatile and may be set up to be utilized without a still-air box or laminar flow hood. Mycelium suspended in a sterile nutritional solution, such as 4% honey water, is essentially what it is. A quart of grain spawn can be inoculated with just 1mL of liquid culture

Every liquid culture created by C2C is made in a sterile lab setting using top-notch active cultures. They are all the first generation, meaning they have only undergone one transfer since being separated from their master culture, which they regularly refresh by spore-mediated genetic recombination. They are prevented from senescing and are prepared for their best growth as a result.


Liquid Culture Available Strain

  • Lion’s Mane Liquid Culture: Lion’s Mane is an edible and medicinal mushroom that belongs to the tooth fungus group, which is native to Asia, Europe, and North America. It typically grows on hardwoods in a single clump of dangling spines with long spines.
  • Pink Oyster Liquid Culture: Pink Oyster is a species from the Pleurotaceae family. It is a type of edible and therapeutic tropical mushroom. They frequently grow in large clusters, have a strong fragrance, and are found on tropical hardwood trees in Indonesia, Mexico, and other places with a similar climate.
  • Shitake Liquid Culture: Shitake is an edible and therapeutic mushroom that is indigenous to East Asia. It can frequently be found growing in dead deciduous trees such as chestnut, maple, beech, and oak in humid, warm climates.


  • Available in a 12mL Syringe
  • No Mycology Experience Needed
  • Optimized Substrate Blend For Cubensis Mushrooms
  • Unique Filter Strips
  • Built-In Injection Port
  • Three Simple Steps To Harvest

Product Includes

  • 1x Liquid Culture by Coast 2 Coast Mycology

Where to buy

Although currently sold out, all liquid cultures by Coast 2 Coast Mycology are readily available for sale on Superstrain when restocked. It’s available in all the strains mentioned above.