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Learn How to Make Vapor Juice / eJuice with this Step-by-Step Tutorial

5-Simple Steps to Vapor Juice, Tutorial

This tutorial is meant for people who are over 18!The purpose of this tutorial is to show you just how easy it is to make your own flavored e-juice/vapor Juice.

Making your own flavored Vapor Juice is inexpensive to make, and it tastes much better than store bought flavored vapor juice because you control the flavor. If it’s too strong you can dilute it with PG or VG (see below), if it’s not strong enough add more flavor.

Because homemade vapor juice is so much better than store bought, I believe that once you make your first batch of vapor juice, you’ll never want to buy store bought vapor juice again.

In this tutorial we are going to make Caramel Green Apple Flavored ejuice/vapor juice for your vaporizer and or eCigarette. We are going to be using the recipe on page 55 of Vaporizer Cookbook, Volume 1, Fruits, Desserts, Candies, and Creams, Vapor Flavors.
I am in the process of making a YouTube Video of the process to accompany this tutorial, please check back in a couple of days for the video.
Step 1


Label your glass dropper bottle for the Caramel Green Apple flavor, and make note of the mg of nicotine juice you will be using so that you will be able to easily identify whats in the bottle. For example, I am making Caramel Green Apple 12mg of Nicotine so my label would look like this

You’ll most likely want to make many more flavors later and by labeling each bottle you can keep track of what you are making. Also, some people taper down their mg’s of nicotine to 0mg’s to completely rid themselves of nicotine and this way you will know what’s in each bottle. I use the Brother Home and Office Labeler (PT-D200SA) with Bonus Tape to make all of my labels.

The labels are waterproof and they stick well to the glass or plastic dropper bottles. The Label maker may be purchased through these links.

Step 2

Safety Preparations

For safety reasons it’s important to wear gloves while making vapor juice because nicotine absorbs through the skin. If you spill any on your clothes, change & wash your clothes​, wash your hands thoroughly if spilled on your hands.​

I buy my rubber gloves through Amazon. but if you aren’t planning on using the 100 Count box that sells on Amazon.
Step 3

Nicotine Juice

For this demonstration, and in the YouTube video, we will be using 12mg strength nicotine juice.

I will begin with a 24mg Nicotine Juice then show you how to add VG or PG to dilute the Nicotine Juice down to a strength that is right for you. You do not want to vape a strength stronger than 24mg, and until you are comfortable with diluting the stronger nicotine strengths it’s best to start out with the 24mg.

If you start out with 24mg Nicotine Juice, your strength will be 24mg which is considered to be a strong nicotine level, like a full flavored cigarette. The 12mg strength is considered to be medium, like a medium cigarette, and the 6mg strength is considered to be light, like a light cigarette. ​
Nicotine Juice is what contains the nicotine in your vapor juice. Nicotine juice is available in strengths up to 100mg and you don’t want to vape it at 100mg concentration or anything more than 24mg because any concentration higher than 24mg is just too strong to vape and could be dangerous,
The following list shows different nicotine strengths.

· 0mg to 4mg = Zero to Extra Low
· 4mg to 8mg = Low
· 9mg to 12mg = Medium
· 13mg to 24mg = High
You will need to dilute your Nicotine Juice by using VG Vegetable Glycerin or PG Propylene Glycol

Step 4

​Diluting Nicotine Juice with Propylene Glycol, and or Vegetable Glycerin.

Once the Nicotine Juice has been diluted to a vaporizing strength, it is now called VAPOR JUICE, you are almost ready to vaporize it.
PG – Propylene Glycol, and VG – Vegetable Glycol are used to dilute the nicotine juice from higher than 24mg down to 24mg and below. Vapor juice should be below 24mg
-To make 50ml of Nicotine Juice from 24mg Nicotine Juice No Dilution is needed (Strong)

-To make 50ml of Nicotine Juice from 24mg Nicotine Juice to 12mg, use 25ml Nicotine Juice + 25ml VG and/or PG (Medium)

-To Make 50ml of Nicotine Juice from 24mg Nicotine Juice to 6mg use 12.5ml Nicotine Juice + 37.5ml VG and/or PG (Light)
VG gives more of a throat hit, and PG gives more vapor, it’s a personal choice as to which one you use.

Step 5

Mixing the Nicotine Juice with the flavors to make Vapor Juice, Step 4.
In this recipe we will be making Caramel Green Apple, from page 55 of Vaporizer Cookbook, Volume 1, Fruits, Desserts, Candies, and Creams.
Caramel Green Apple, from page 55, Vaporizer Cookbook (Copyright March 19th 2014)
Sweet and sour green apple coated in rich creamy caramel. This is one of my favorites, the sweet and sour green apple with caramel flavor tastes a lot like the popular green apple hard candies with the addition of caramel which makes an amazing vaporizing experience. If you use too much flavor, or if the recipe is too strong for you, add some Vapor Juice to dilute the flavor. If you don’t use enough flavor, add more flavor to taste.

​-43ml of Vapor Juice (using the recipe above in Step 4)
​-9ml of LorAnn– Green Apple Flavor
-11ml of The Flavor Apprentice – Caramel Flavor
​5 drops of The Flavor Apprentice – Sweetener

​Makes 2 – 1oz bottles, 63ml. Mix all ingredients well in a glass beaker then pour into a 2oz bottle, for best results let the flavor steep for at least 24 hours, shake well before each use, enjoy!
For this recipe you will need:
A Glass Beaker for mixing the Vapor Juice, from MyFreedomSmokes.com or Amazon.com sells Corningware Beakers and Flasks.

2 – 1oz Glass Dropper Bottles or 1 – 2oz Glass Dropper Bottle

Nicotine Juice from the recipe in Step 4

-A Label Maker

-LorAnn– Green Apple Flavor

The Flavor Apprentice – Caramel Flavor

-The Flavor Apprentice – Sweetener
If you have any questions on making vapor juice, feel free to ask me and I will do what I can to answer your questions as best I can.
Brother Home and Office Labeler (PT-D200SA) with Bonus Tape

Caramel Green Apple 12mg

Kimberly-Clark Professional Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves, Large, 100 count

Nicotine Juice – Purchase the Nicotine Juice in 24mg strength, we will use it at 24mg strength, and dilute it down to 12mg, and 6mg. If you do not want any Nicotine in your Vapor Juice, skip this step and use 100% VG or PG below.

VG-Vegetable Glycol
PG-Propylene Glycol