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Kanger Aerotank Mega Review

The Kanger Aerotank was the top clearomizer on the market before the Aspire Nautilus hit the scene. The Aerotank Mega is thought to be Kanger’s response to the Nautilus, and what a comeback it is. This tank, which is larger than its predecessor, has a larger capacity and improved air flow control design as well as newly designed coil heads.

The Kanger Aerotank Mega is one of the best clearomizers you will find anywhere today. This clearomizer is built to be very durable. You can bet it will not shatter into pieces if it falls to the ground. The Aerotank Mega is made of stainless steel and thick Pyrex glass. It has a cool brushed finish. The dimensions of this clearomizer are 65mm by 22mm. There is a 510 threading at the base of this device for attaching it to a mod. This clearomizer can fit most of the latest mods on the market today.

The Kanger Aerotank Mega is composed of three main parts, so it is easy to take it apart for cleaning. You have the top cap, the sleeve, and the coil section at the bottom. The clearomizer is designed with a removable 510 drip tip which is made of stainless steel. You can use any standard 510 drip tip on this clearomizer, which is a big plus.

The Aerotank Mega comes with two sleeves. It comes pre-installed with a Pyrex glass sleeve, but you will find a stainless steel sleeve in the package. The clearomizer looks equally good regardless of the sleeve you are using, and you do not have to worry about leakage. The only difference between both sleeves is that you cannot see the level of e-juice left in your tank when using the stainless steel one.

This Kanger tank can hold 3.8ml of e-juice. The tank has a bottom filling design. You need to turn the clearomizer upside down and remove the bottom cap to fill it up. Ensure you do not put any e-liquid into the center tube of the device if you do you will get spit-backs. Only pour e-juice into the side chamber.

The original Aerotank was highly regarded for its air flow control that allows vaper customize their draws. Well, with the Aerotank Mega, Kanger took the game-changing design a step further. You can choose between 12 different draws on this clearomizer thanks to its improved air flow. You will struggle to find a clearomizer on the market that gives you as many air flow options.

The Kanger Aerotank Mega comes with two 2.0 ohm coil heads. The coils are different from the ones you will find in previous Aerotank clearomizers. They are larger and last twice as long as the coil heads that came with the original Aerotank clearomizer. It is very easy to change the coil head of this clearomizer since is attached to the bottom section. You can use all coil heads that are compatible with the Kanger Protank on this clearomizer.

Overall, the Aerotank Mega is an excellent clearomizer. It is just as good as the Aspire Nautilus if not better than it. However, there are a few issues with the device. First, filling the tank is a little tricky. You are going to end up with leakage and spit back if you do not do it correctly. Check out instructional videos on YouTube before you try your hands at it. Another thing is that you need to keep the tank about 1/3 full to avoid the chances of getting dry hits. This means you have to refill it often. Also, the tank has a deep stainless steel cover at its base, so it is difficult to tell whether it is empty or there is some e-juice left in it.

You can get the Kanger Aerotank Mega on Vape Fu for only $27.49.

Michael Scott