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G-Pen Elite Vape Pen by Grenco Science Review

Grenco Science is one of the most popular manufacturers of vaping products in the US thanks to its collaborations with celebrities like Snoop Dogg. The G-Pen Elite is a dry herb vaporizer that hit the market in February 2016. Although this device has been on the market for about two years already, it is still one of the best dry herb vape pens that you can buy. It has an original design and functions excellently with its precision temperature control and rapid heating time. It is a delight to vape with this device. The Elite is recommended for both advanced vapers and newbies. If you are looking for a discreet vaporizer with advanced features, this is a good choice. This version of the Elite is for vaping dry herb, but there is another version for concentrates.

The G-Pen Elite has a unique shape. It looks like a mini hair clipper or remote control. The design of this vaporizer is not only stylish, but it is also ergonomic. This E-Pen device fits in hand perfectly. You can tell that the people at Grenco Science spent time fine-tuning all the curves on the vaporizer. It measures about 4.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. The device is quite light with a weight of 88 grams. The Elite is only available in black color. You will find three buttons on the body of the device for controlling the settings. There is a small LED screen that is seamlessly integrated into the design of the unit. You may not be able to tell that there is a screen there until you turn the device on. The screen shows the temperature and battery level of the device.

The G-Pen Elite is a compact device. It does not have a lot of removable parts that you have to worry about. There are two main components of this vaporizer; the top cap with the mouthpiece and the rest of the body with the battery, the heating chamber and more.

To use the device, you need to remove the top cap to access the heating chamber. The heating chamber of the Elite vaporizer is made entirely of ceramic. There are some small holes at the bottom of the chamber. This device uses both conduction and convection heating to deliver rich, flavorful vapor. The heating chamber of this vaporizer can fit up to 0.75 grams of dry herb. The vaporizer works well with both coarse and fine herb. For best results, use finely grounded herb. There is a cleaning brush and a pen tool in the box to help you when cleaning and packing herb into the chamber. The maximum temperature of this device is 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The G-Pen Elite heats up very quickly. It takes just a few seconds for the heating elements to get activated so that you can start vaping. Whether you stuff the chamber or keep it partially empty, this device performs well.

The top cap of the Elite sits directly above the heating chamber. This means that vapor travels a short distance directly from the heating chamber to your mouth. This design allows the Elite to produce flavorful vapor, but it also means that the top of the mouthpiece can get a little hot when you vape at a high temperature for a prolonged period. Some vapers have also said that they get dryness in their throat when using this vaporizer. The airflow of the G-Pen is not tight. You can take long draws with very little resistance. This is impressive considering that the mouthpiece looks very small.

The G-Pen Elite vaporizer has a non-removable 2200mAh battery. The battery life can last more than one day depending on how frequent you use the device. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the device to recharge. The device comes with a USB cable for charging it. You will find the USB port under the vaporizer.

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