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Finding a wholesale e-liquid supplier

Whether you are a big e-shopper, cheap e-juice retail outlet or any market stall owner, there is a huge up and coming market for wholesale e-liquid. As a retailer, the phrase ‘e-liquid supplier’ in a wholesale price may suggest to you the thought of a partner and adviser enabling you to cost effectively and efficiently maximize your profitability. Alternatively, it may carry negative connotations of margin skimmers and restrictive distribution agreements. Your opinion of wholesale will depend on your experience of past trade relations.

As an individual shopkeeper, multiple retailers, garage or bar there is a great opportunity to maximize turnover of e-liquid and e-cigarette hardware by partnering with a specialist supplier. If you do not currently sell e-liquid you could be missing out on a potentially lucrative revenue stream which can be reached by cooperating with a wholesale e-liquid supplier who can offer sound advice based on experience.

Market Wholesale e-liquid supplier
Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid are a relatively new market. If your opinion of wholesale is negative then you need to re-think your view. A specialist wholesale e-liquid supplier is going to be a young company with dynamic and positive marketing experience. Naturally as with any business decision the choice of which company you choose to work with needs careful consideration. Unfortunately not every supplier is equal.

Maybe the first factor to consider when choosing your wholesale e-liquid supplier is safety. The safety of your customers is of the utmost importance as is your need to be assured that you are not negligent of your responsibilities as a seller. The ideal wholesale e-liquid supplier will only supply e-liquid that has all of the correct legal requirements for product safety and labeling. Your relationship with your wholesale e-liquid supplier should be such that you can call them for friendly advice and support should you need it.

It is not a good idea to indulge in a new and evolving market like e-liquid and electronic cigarettes without having a strong and well-respected partner to stand behind you. Your e-liquid wholesale supplier should stand behind you to have your back, hold your hand to guide you and stand shoulder to shoulder with you to gain sales. Your wholesale liquid supplier needs to be flexible to do all of this at the same time.There is a big market for e-liquid and electronic cigarettes wholesale

Avoid an Expensive Mistake
You would be unwise to take delivery of from a non-specialist or ‘here-today’ gone-tomorrow’ source. In every new market, there will always be those that want to capitalize on the unwary, interested only in filling their own pockets. This type of wholesale e-liquid supplier can be normally spotted because their sales talk is all about unit price and not business development. Quick sales and quick financial returns without solid support and commitment can very soon become an expensive mistake.

As a fairly new market, consumers are quite rightly cautious of unknown brands. Brand recognition and loyalty are prevalent in the e-liquid market. Your e-juice supplier should stock a range of well respected, well known, quality brands of e-liquid. These brands not only need to be thought of as good, they also actually need to be good. Making a one-off sale of cheap e-juice will put about $5 in your till and do little more for your business. Stocking a recognized brand, in the flavors and strengths required by your customer can lead to regular repeat sales of that e-liquid. Associated sales of electronic cigarette hardware will result from regular customers returning to your outlet. The extra footfall created also increases the opportunity for further sales of unassociated goods and/or services.

Repeat Sales
It is imperative that once you have converted a customer from a one-off sale into a regular purchaser that you always keep your customer satisfied. Aside from sourcing a wholesale electronic cigarette supplier, a potential problem of e-liquid sales is the requirement to stock a range of flavors, each with different strengths. If your wholesale e-liquid supplier is not able to offer a reliable, quick service and order turnaround you could be faced with either disappointing and losing a regular customer because of stock shortage or having to tie-up capital unnecessarily in e-liquid overstock.

The company you do business with should have a high quality, dependable product that you can sell on at a reasonable margin while still offering good value to your customers. They need to be big enough to have the purchasing muscle to achieve this but not too big to be able to offer great service. Ideally, you will have a close relationship with a dedicated account manager who can guide you to ever greater turnover. With the higher turnover, you deserve to be rewarded for your success with volume order discounts.

An increasing number of convenience stores and online retailers are enhancing their e-liquid product offerings. As a result of increasing competition and growing consumer demand for different e-liquid flavors, the U.S. e-liquid market is poised to grow over $4.77 billion by 2025 at a double digit CAGR from 2015 to 2025.If you are considering entering the e-liquid market or thinking of stepping up your involvement in this booming market you may not know who can offer you everything that you need.Your search for a wholesale partner who is able to meet these requirements and more is likely to lead you to consider best cheap e-juice brands.