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Facts About TAAT Tobacco-free Alternative Cigarettes

More and more people are looking to quit tobacco cigarettes and stop being dependent on nicotine. However, it’s easier said than done. There is a whole industry catering to people wanting to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes but few get the job. Herbal cigarettes are one of the best tools for people looking to quit smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are made from smokable herbs and are healthier than cigarettes containing tobacco. This post will focus on one of the best tobacco-free herbal-based cigarette brands on the market.

TAAT is a US company with a factory located in Las Vegas. This brand is one of the finest around and its exceptional products have made it popular among smoking enthusiasts. TAAT is unique because it offers tobacco-free and nicotine-free cigarettes that taste and smell like tobacco-based cigarettes. Unlike other herbal cigarette brands, TAAT does not use any tobacco in production. However, this company uses a patented proprietary blend, Beyond Tobacco that makes all TAAT cigarettes burn, smell, taste, and feel like tobacco-based cigarettes. Besides Beyond Tobacco, TAAT also uses high-quality hemp in production. The other ingredients TAATs contain is water. This company does not use harmful chemicals Vitamin E acetate in production.

TAAT cigarettes contain about 25 percent CBD and 0.2 percent THC. These cigarettes will not get you high and will not show in any drug test.

TAAT has different alternative cigarette flavors on the market. Examples of these flavors are Menthol, Original and Smooth. These flavors will suit most smokers since they are made to taste like some popular tobacco-based cigarettes on the market.
Smooth: This flavor has a light feel that relaxes and keeps you refreshed. TAAT’s Smooth will remind smokers of tobacco-based flavors like American Spirit Yellow, Pall Mall Blue, and Marlboro Gold.

Original: This TAAT flavor has an appealing bold flavor. Original has a similar flavor like American Spirit Blue, Marlboro Red, and Winston.

Menthol: This flavor has a refreshing mint taste that is not overpowering. TAAT’s Menthol will remind you of flavors like Kool, Marlboro Menthol, and Newport.

Each TAAT cigarette pack contains 20 sticks. And you get 10 packs per carton. TAAT packaged its products to look like tobacco-based cigarettes. And TAAT’s are way cheaper than traditional tobacco flavors.

TAAT’s are available for sale at this company’s online store Trytaat.com. You can buy a pack of TAAT cigarettes for $6.99 via the company’s online store. TAAT offers excellent shipping services. However, this company does not ship to all US states due to different laws regarding hemp products. TAAT does not ship to Idaho, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, South Carlonia, South Daakota and Utah.

TAAT products are only currently available for customers within the continental US. This company offers excellent shipping services. TAAT is also offering free shipping on all orders worth $40 and more.

TAAT is currently running a FREE pack promotion. You only need to follow four steps to enjoy this free TAAT pack. The first step involves choosing the TAAT flavor pack you prefer, then proceeding to check-out, and enter the promo code: FREEPACK to enjoy your free pack of cigarettes.


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