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Estival by Cloud Alchemist-Irresistible Watermelon Juice Review


These are some of the higher-end premium e-liquid available, with 10ml bottles for $6.75, 35ml bottles for $19.99, and 120ml bottles for $59.99.

Options Available

Nicotine Level  0mg 1.5mg  03mg  06mg


This is a delicious summer flavor. Juicy, sweet watermelon up front with strawberry and apricot blending nicely with the coconut. The coconut is really subtle and doesn’t overpower the other flavors. I think that Estival hits the description pretty well. I’d say that the Watermelon is certainly in the front, and I pick up coconut and strawberry in the back. The watermelon is less of a candy watermelon, but more of a watery watermelon. If you really think about it, watermelon really is not overpowering in flavor. This is more of actually biting into a watermelon. It’s wet, sweet, and fresh.

Response and Shipping

Both were just fantastic. Order confirmation was immediate. The order was placed on Thursday the 24th in the evening. It was shipped in the morning via USPS 1st Class Parcel Post on Friday the 25th. The shipment arrived on Monday the 28th. The juice was made fresh to order!

Cloud Alchemist is located in Washington, and I’m in Florida. That’s exceptionally fast shipping for a cross-country 1st Class order, especially for weekend travel. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to arrive until Tuesday at the earliest, so I was pleasantly surprised by and pleased with the fast service provided.

First impressions

Opening the package
Their packaging and branding are gorgeous. Very fancy bottles that come packaged in this shredded wood stuff that I love. Each bottle was individually sealed in a bubble bag.They threw in lots of stickers and a cute little menu card with a flavor listing which will certainly be convenient to refer to when needed. Needless to say, it was a very good first impression.

The Bottles

The 10ml and 30ml bottles are frosted amber bottles, the high-quality ones, bulky with a nice taper at the end. Not the cheap skinny ones. The 120ml bottles are frosted glass. All of them are childproof, and they come with tamper-evident rings.

First hit

I never, in all the years I’ve been vaping, tasted juice with flavor this accurate! It tastes exactly like the juicy watermelon that you can get at the store during the summer season. I don’t normally say this about juices. I usually say that they’re good, or tasty, but, this was delicious. This juice treats coils very well. It’s one of the cleanest juices I’ve ever vaped. Cotton and coils do not need to be messed with much while vaping this juice.


The vapor production is just what one would expect from a 50/50 mix. The throat hit is exceptionally good for a 50/50 mix.

These juices are worth every penny I paid for them, and then some. If Cloud Alchemist were asking $19/35ml, I’d pay it in a heartbeat for this level of quality.

Cloud Alchemist has a great line up of pre-mixed e-liquids, in a fascinating range of volumes, strengths, and flavors. Their signature monster clouds, smashing flavors, vibrant aroma, and their unmatched variety has won millions of hearts. Cloud Alchemist is the most honest e-liquid manufacturer and vendors with very fair prices and customer service. Check out the best ejuice you will ever try by Cloud Alchemist!


Estival Review
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