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Electronic Cigarette Juice Reviews

E juice is the soul of an e cig as without it no vapors would be produced and the quality of the same decides the level as well the nature of pleasure that you would attain from the e cig. This webpage is a descriptive compilation of reviews of several e liquids being produced by different famous brands. But before you zero down to an e liquid you should keep few things in mind.

When shopping for an e liquid, also known as e juice, one needs to be conscious about a couple of things like in addition to what is being claimed by the company it should be a fresh one and not very old from the date of the order. Also the nicotine level being claimed should be as per the permitted pharmacy grade and the e juice should have been produced in a clean environment. Well! An added advantage can be the free shipping of the same and the wide array of choices available to the consumers. Also, the flavors being offered by the brand should be as per the food grade recommendations.

To start with we can talk about the wide range of e liquids being offered by South Beach Smoke. As per its consumers they love its custom blend e liquid which technically allows its users to choose from one, two or three single flavors or double shots and then blend them expertly. People have also loved the wide 30 ml range of e juices available under e liquid category of South Beach Smoke, which includes different citrus flavors, Blueberry cheesecake, Berry bash and Mango Cheesecake. Moreover, the unique selling proposition of south beach smoke is that all its flavors as well as the lab is registered with FDA as a tobacco manufacturer. Also the flavors have been approved by GRAS, which is like a step ahead of having a food grade approval. All of us know that glycerin can be produced by anything but as far as South Beach one is concerned it’s made from Malaysian palm so peanut allergies are not an issue.

Next in the league would V2 Cigs e juice. The most favorite one among the users is the coffee, followed by Sahara and red cherry (though few find it like a cherry lip balm). There have been several positive responses with respect to tea flavor as well, as people have found it to be minty and just like green tea.

Then there are many who favor Green Smoke e juices as well. The reason being that is the vapors produced by Green Smoke cigs have USP grade glycol and vegetable glycerin. Also the vapors produced by e juice leave one fresh and have a delicious feeling attached to the same. The range being offered by them includes red Label Tobacco, tobacco Gold which is animalgamation of Burley, Oriental and Virginia tobacco. Then they have smooth Chocolate as well that gives the rich taste of dark chocolate. Many people like Green Smoke red better than V2 Cigs.