Ecig juice

Almost anyone could have predicted when electronic cigarettes first came onto the market with their nicotine cartridges that somewhere at sometime someone would come up with idea of making refillable ecigarette cartridges. It didn’t take too long for the idea to present itself and now there are a number of companies that are making refillable cartridges and the ejuice to fill them with. Whether or not these refillable cartridges will actually save ecigarette users money in the long run is yet to be seen but these cartridges do give ecigarette users a choice of smoking experiences.

Different Nicotine Strengths

e juice comes in different nicotine strengths running the gambit from 0mg to 36 mg. Those wishing a real nicotine burst will of course choose the higher mg strength while those wanting the psychological feel or smoking while trying to beat the nicotine addiction may choose the 0mg strength. People wanting to quit smoking may even purchase ever decreasing amounts of nicotine refills in designing their own step down program. However you choose to use these different strengths of juice it seems as though there is a strength to suit most ecigarette users.

Different Tobacco Types

Just as there are different types of tobacco in real cigarette products, E juice is striving to recreate different types of nicotine experiences offering products like Virginia ejuice and Hilton ejuice and other names that are designated to slightly different tobacco flavors. This is an interesting concept that people seem to like when purchasing ejuice and it allows them to search around until they get the exact flavor they want.

Outrageous Flavors of Ejuice

Not only can you choose from different tobacco flavors when purchasing ejuice, but you can choose from flavors one does not normally associate with cigarette smoking. While you can purchase both vanilla and clove flavored cigarettes, ecigarettes also offers you flavors like cocoa cola, strawberry, blueberry, fruit mix, red bull, chocolate and candy apple as well as flavorless.

With the growing trend in these outrageous non tobacco flavors being produced for ecigarettes it would not be surprising to see flavors in the near future as “Chicken and dumplings” or even “Pepperoni pizza.”

Many critics of ecigarettes point out the danger that having flavors like chocolate and candy apple will increase the desire of underage children to use this product and thus start another generation of nicotine users. The draw is certainly there and sellers of ejuice are going to have to be on their toes to avoid selling to minors. Since, many of these stores selling these flavors are online stores, this could be a bit of a feat to accomplish so parents too are going to have be aware that their child may be finding ways to use these products.

Simply put ejuice is the liquid used to refill the refillable cartridges for your ecigarettes. It comes in a wide variety of strengths and flavors and offers a wide range of experiences for those wishing to try ecigarettes or those ecigarette users who want an occasion change of pace.