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DIY Mushroom Growing Kit By Shrum Review

Have you recently discovered that you can cultivate your own mushrooms and want to give them a try? Then making use of a DIY mushroom growing kit is your best bet. The Shrooms mushroom cultivation kit is fantastic for novices since it is properly built to make mushroom cultivation easy and comfortable.

It comes with everything you need and a growing guidebook with step-by-step processes and directions, ensuring successful growth. 


  • Complete kit containing items for growing edible and exotic mushroom species.
  • Substrate Jars, 6 1/2-Pint (Pressure-Sterilized and Ready-To-Grow)
  • Thermometer for Growth and Incubation Chambers
  • Hygrometer/Humidity Gauge
  • Step-by-Step Growing Instructions in an Easy-to-Follow Guide


Superstrain’s Shrum allows you to grow various types and species of mushrooms. They are also one of the easiest to grow and one of the most delicious, making them ideal for a first-time grower at home! The substrate may be easily cared for by just placing it on a ventilated surface.

Cut literal slits in the bag’s side and wait. As long as the humidity is just right, it will grow. There’s no need to keep spraying the block or checking on it every day. You may just place it in the ideal environment and forget about it.

The jars are handcrafted to perfection and include a unique blend of organic brown rice flour with vermiculite, mineral water, liquid worm castings, and bee pollen.

This particular combination yields the best results, enabling you to see your fruiting bodies sprout right before your eyes.

What about the taste of the mushrooms they produce? Well, Even if you’ve had mushrooms before, you’ll be blown away by how flavorful and adaptable they are. They have a strong umami taste and make an excellent meaty addition to any stir-fry, soup, or pasta meal.

They also have some amazing health advantages, with many individuals looking for this fungus for its brain-boosting powers.

Shrums will quickly become your most convenient mushroom kit. Even a child may successfully culture their own mushrooms with these simple directions. You’ll finish up with a stunningly large cluster of mushrooms, ideal for the dinner table.

About manufacturer

While Superstrain is a trusted veteran brand in the world of CBD, this is their first venture into the world of mushrooms. Superstrain prides itself on providing hemp-related products that are of high quality and made from high-quality ingredients. 

As manufacturers, they make sure that all products pass quality assessment protocols. They bring that same energy to this mushroom-growing kit. With the special blend selected by them, you are sure to get mushrooms that are rich in polysaccharides and triterpenes (the wellness powerhouses in mushrooms). The mushrooms are rich in the polysaccharide beta-glucan, which is a proven immune response enhancer and provides other essential health benefits.

Pricing and Availability

The price of this kit is well worth it, considering the features and the unforgettable experience it offers. Go to https://superstrain.com to get one for yourself. 

Michael Scott