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Cali Plus Disposable Vape Review

Supposing you are a vaper looking to enjoy the best vaping experience, you must invest in the best disposable vaping pen. But now, how do you find the best vaping pen? Well, it can be tricky, but not anymore now that the Cali plus disposable vape is on the market.

If you have never heard about it before, this post will walk you through it and give you reasons to switch to it. Just keep reading to the end.

What is Cali Plus Disposable Vape?

Cali Plus is an upgrade of the original Cali Bars and Cali Pods disposable. In appearance, the device isn’t much different from other typical vaping pens. The design is lovely and readily portable, so you can always bring it where you want. It’s easy to use without any special instructions and features delicious flavors and beautiful colors to suit different individual needs.

Cali Plus Disposable Vape Features

Although it appears like other typical vaping pens, the device has several attractive features that set it apart. Some of the most apparent include;

  • Integrated Battery

Cali Plus vape comes fitted with a pre-charged battery. With this device, you can tell that the battery is dead if you can’t see LED lights on the vape or when you don’t get any vapor from it.

  • Pods and Flavors

The vaporizer has a 5ml tank with 50mg of nicotine salt. The tank is not meant for refilling, meaning you will have to dump your vaporizer once you are done with it.

In terms of flavors, this vaporizer never disappoints; it has more than ten flavors so that every person can find what is good for them. The most notable flavors include;

  • Frozen Grape,
  • Sour Apple,
  • Frozen Blue Raspberry,
  • Frozen Kiwi Lemonade,
  • Banana Ice,
  • Blueberry,
  • Frozen pineapple,
  • Frozen Blue Raspberry,
  • Rainbow,
  • Strawberry Banana,
  • Strawberry, and
  • Frozen Lush, etc.

  • Performance

Cali Plus vaporizer provides delicious tastes and won’t give you a direct lung hit because the airflow is well restricted.

  • 1500 Puffs

Although the Cali Plus vaporizer is relatively small, the tank (5ml capacity) is relatively huge for such a device. It delivers up to 1500 delicious puffs, so you will be able to satisfy your desires before discarding them.

  • Weight

The vaporizer is very light, weighing as low as 3oz, making it more portable. You will hardly notice its weight.

What is Cali Plus Disposable Vape Made From?

Cali Plus is made from safe products, which are;

  • Tobacco-free Nicotine
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol

No other hidden products are used in this vaporizer, so you should be confident when purchasing it.


Is Cali Plus Vape Safe?

According to the manufacturer, the vaporizer is safe for all vaping enthusiasts. It’s, however, not recommended for individuals under 21 years and pregnant women.

Where Can I Get Cali Plus Vaporizer?

There are many stores where you can get Cali Plus vaporizers; however, get one today at guidetovaping.com at $12.99.The store has the best deals on prices, and it also stocks other similar products.

Wrapping Up

From this review, the Cali Plus vape pen is a worthy product that deserves the attention of every vaping enthusiast. Put it into your to-buy list and expect nothing but the best.

Michael Scott