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Cali Boxx Disposable Vaporizer Review

The Boxx disposable vaporizer is one of the latest additions to Cali Pods’ collection of powerful, high-performance disposable vaporizers. Unlike the Cali Bar, this device has a box shape thus the word ‘box’ in its name. The Cali Boxx is ergonomic, comes with a mesh coil, and will give you up to 4000 puffs before you’ll need to throw it out. 


The Cali Boxx disposable vaporizer is selling for only $16.99 at the West Coast Vape Supply online store. Read on to learn more about this device and decide if it is worth your money.


As indicated above, the Cali Boxx disposable vaporizer does not have the vape pen style like other vaping devices. It has a box mod-esque shape. The device has rounded corners and is curved in the center. This makes it very ergonomic. You can hold the device in a tight grip comfortably regardless of the size of your hands. 

There are no buttons on the Cali Boxx disposable vaporizer. It is draw-activated. The device has a 10ml pod capacity and comes pre-filled with 10ml of e-juice (50mg nicotine salt). It is not refillable. This means you’ll have to throw it out after the e-juice runs out. But you can get up to 4000 puffs from this device so it should last for a few days or weeks depending on how frequently you vape. 

The Cali Boxx comes with a mesh coil. This is one of the things that sets it apart. The perks of a mesh coil include a faster ramp-up time as well as a richer flavor. 

The battery capacity of the Cali Boxx is unclear. However, the device is rechargeable. 


The Cali Boxx is available in an array of exciting flavors including Blue Raspberry Kiwi Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Frozen Banana, Frozen Blueberry, Frozen Blackberry, Frozen Kiwi Lemonade, Frozen Lush, Frozen Mixed Berries, Frozen Peach, Frozen Pineapple, Frozen Strawberry Cream, Frozen Strawberry Kiwi, Frozen Watermelon Raspberry, Mighty Mint, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Watermelon, Tropical Mango, and Watermelon.

If you’ve tried any device from Cali Pods, then you’ll know that they produce the most remarkable flavor. Every single Cali Boxx flavor is equally remarkable. You’ll be blown away by the authenticity of the taste.


The Cali Boxx has a consistent performance. You’ll get the same rich, mouthwatering flavor with every hit. The vapor production of the device is not bad for a disposable vaporizer. 

Although it has a rounded mouthpiece, this is a mouth-to-lung device – albeit a bit loose. It doesn’t support adjustable airflow. 

The Cali Boxx is a reliable device. You can use it when you’re on the go or when you want a powerful disposable vaporizer.

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