The Best Menthol E-Liquids From Vape Box

Vape Box Menthol Vape Juice Flavors Reviewed

I have preferred menthol e-liquids as long as I have used electronic cigarettes; I find the intense rush of menthol to be very satisfying for my nicotine cravings and feel that the best menthol e-liquids represent everything that is great about e-cigs. Because I have reviewed so many menthol e-liquids, this time I have put the reviews here all together with comparison and describing the strengths, flavor notes and relative menthol levels of each one in this overview of my reviews.

Product Picture Description Rating
70% VG / $30.00

3 different fruity menthol flavors

Frozen E-Juice by VGOD is Proud to present the Trio-Pack! Featuring Three Refreshing and Chilled Fruit Flavors. Berry Flurry – is a Delicious Burst of Wild Berries served on ice to provide a refreshing fruity all-day vape! Lemon Crisp – is a Freshly peeled Zesty Lemon in a blend of Frozen Ice to provide a cool and tangy all-day vape! Mango Mist – is a Sweet sliced Mango, Ripe to perfection on the inhale, served alongside a relaxing ice exhale to provide the best of both worlds! 3x 30ML Bottles

70% VG / $25.00

Mixed melons with a menthol undertone

Lushice by vgod has a base flavor of tobacco, at times resembling the taste of an unlit premium cigar. Has a medium level of menthol and a smooth menthol tobacco flavor. this is a perfect menthol watermelon vape for anyone who likes either of..It represents massive value too at 39.99 for 120 ml which I’m putting an order in for now.

If your thinking about it, buy it, it’s awesome,

Vaping SMOK TFV4 t3 coil 0.2 Ohms at 80-100 W

Frost Bite
70% VG / $25.00

Cantaloupe and honeydew menthol

Another Naked 100 products Peppermint Chill use natural Cantaloupe and honeydew menthol to create a flavor that strongly resembles real mint tea. Combined with a nice helping of menthol, this is a great mint e-liquid that doesn’t taste like a candy cane.It is the perfect rich Cantaloupe, tropical refreshment, tart Pineapple taking sweet and smooth Honeydew slices, blending them into an ultra-satisfying fruity frozen concoction.

Very Cool
70% VG / $25.00

Mixed berry menthol

Mixed berry menthol has a base flavor of tobacco with a hint of mint and a medium level of menthol. Smooth and mellow menthol e-liquid.

Judging from the flavor and level of menthol, I believe that very cool menthol could be that “super menthol” e-liquid. Although it’s a solid effort and a great e-liquid in its own right, Naked 100’s offering remains the king of the super menthol for now.

Brain Freeze
70% VG / $25.00


Strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate menthol e-liquid with flavors of pepper, cinnamon and clove. Low menthol, plenty of throat hit. It tends to use a very light hand when adding menthol to e-liquids, and I believe that Mystic Menthol definitely has significantly more menthol than the company’s other offerings — even the recent release Kringle’s Curse.


Red’s Apple Ejuice Red’s Ice

70% VG / $22.00

Apple juice with menthol

Malibu Menthol has flavor notes of pineapple and coconut over a medium menthol base. Produces massive amounts of vapor and isn’t overly sweet.Reds Apple Iced vape juice by Vape 7 Daze is a delicious crisp red apple flavor, but with an added twist of menthol. Expect a  cool crisp red apple flavor, that cascades on your tongue and an icy exhale that is a light, ripe apple flavor. This is a refreshing e-liquid that seems to have a stronger apple flavor with every vape. Reds Apple Iced E Juice is a must if you are a fruit/menthol vape lover, especially if you’re craving a delicious apple juice. 4.000
Day Spa
70% VG / $10.00

A refreshing cucumber and mint


High to very high level of menthol with a slight neutral, Smooth and amazingly sweet, this vapor flavor feels like cooling your face with slices of fresh, crisp cucumber. Feel fresh and rejuvenated like you’ve just been to a day spa.

Long ago, I wrote to Halo and suggested that they develop something to compete with Volcano Menthol Burst, my everyday menthol e-liquid. To date, no e-liquid company has managed to come up with an e-liquid containing the extreme level of menthol found in Day Spa that same amount of menthol combined with Halo’s signature vapor production and throat hit would be just about the best e-liquid on the market, I thought. I was told that a “super apple menthol” e-liquid was in development and that I’d see it before too long.