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A$AP Grape Nic Salt by Nasty Juice Review


Grape e-liquids are either hit or miss – either they’re amazing or they taste like cough syrup. A$AP Grape Nic Salt by Nasty Juice is one of the good grape e-liquids. This vape juice has a delicious, mouthwatering taste that will remind you of drinking grape juice out of the box. This Nasty Juice e-liquid is recommended for everyone who loves grapes. Grab a bottle of A$AP Grape Nic Salt and treat yourself to some grape-licious vaping sessions.

Flavor Description

A$AP Grape Nic Salt by Nasty Juice is a fusion of freshly-picked black grapes, mixed berries, and other fruit flavors. The result is a vape juice that tastes like a fruit cocktail – but with a dominant grape flavor. A$AP Grape Nic Salt has a sweet-tangy taste. One of the most impressive things about this Nasty Juice nic salt vape is that it tastes like grapes. It doesn’t have a candied grape taste. Instead, it tastes like real grapes. The sweetness is not too intense. There’s also a hint of tanginess. I guess I am using so many words to say that A$AP Grape Nic Salt is a classic.

VG/PG Ratio

A$AP Grape Nic Salt by Nasty Juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 50/50. This device was created for vaping with low-wattage devices and pod systems.

Vapor Production

The vapor production of A$AP Grape Nic Salt is typical of a nicotine salts e-juice. You’ll get a small amount of vapor. This is certainly not an e-juice for cloud chasing. It was created to deliver a good nicotine fix and a delicious flavor.

Nicotine Level

A$AP Grape Nic Salt by Nasty Juice comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can choose either 10mg or 20mg of nicotine.

Throat Hit

Nasty Juice is known for making its e-liquids with top-shelf ingredients. As a result, this e-liquid has a smooth throat hit. It vapes nicely. You won’t experience any weird burning sensation at the back of your throat.

Packaging Design

A$AP Grape Nic Salt comes in a plastic bottle with a childproof and tamper-evident cap. There is a purple label on the bottle with the brand logo, flavor name, and other basic information about the product. You won’t have any difficulties refilling your tank or pod directly from the bottle.


A 10ml bottle of A$AP Grape Nic Salt is selling for only £3.99 at the Vape Green online store. You will find many other Nasty Juice e-liquids at this store. Buying this e-liquid gives you 4 points in the Vape Green loyalty program. You can accumulate points and redeem them in the future for a voucher.

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