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A Review of TAAT’s Tobacco-Free Hemp Cigarettes

TAAT cigarettes are flavored tobacco-free hemp cigarettes made from Beyond Tobacco’s proprietary plant-based alternatives. TAAT not only produces tobacco-free but also nicotine-free cigarettes. This has allowed TAAT to expand to nations and regions where hemp is illegal. Primarily, hemp is a tobacco alternative that portrays smoking traditional cigarettes. The majority of tobacco smokers indicate that smoking TAAT is equivalent to a single tobacco cigarette. In addition, hemp cigarettes contain roughly 50mg of cannabidiol (CBD) in every stick which is ideal for reducing tobacco withdrawal symptoms as well as decreasing dependency. CBD has several benefits for tobacco users, especially those willing to quit by alleviating tobacco withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, and headache. CBD can also help you be less vulnerable to cigarette cues. Furthermore, the psychological properties of CBD are appropriate for smoking cessation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 68% of adult smokers wanted to quit smoking in 2015 while in 2018 55.1% attempted to quit smoking. However, only 7.5% were successful in quitting smoking during this period. In most cases, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a common technique to quit smoking but it does not reduce withdrawal symptoms. Besides, anyone who has tried to quit smoking can understand the dissatisfaction associated with using NRT. Whereas NRT can satisfy the craving for nicotine, it cannot effectively match the sensations related to cigarette smoking. Many smokers have attempted to quit smoking using NTR, but statistics from CDC demonstrate that about 14% of US adults chose smoking compared to 3% that prefer vaping. Vaping was considered a suitable approach to quitting smoking, however, due to vape-related death, people are turning away. For example, in early 2020 there were 2,602 hospitalizations and 59 deaths due to vaping. During the same period, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a policy banning vaping firms from manufacturing, distributing, and selling flavored e-cigarettes. Vaping is not only losing appeal but this suggests that people wishing to quit smoke prefer a product that tastes and burns like traditional cigarettes.

Ideally, TAAT hemp cigarettes are produced to replicate smoking traditional cigarettes. This encompasses an identical packaging design, a natural scent without traces of hemp, and exhaled smoke that is comparable to smoke from tobacco cigarettes. Replicating these attributes is to satisfy the smoking rituals of traditional cigarettes.

TAAT cigarettes also provide you with an alternative to the non-addictive product. TAAT uses a blend of CBD-containing hemp known as Beyond Tobacco. Hemp is combined with secret ingredients and undergoes refinement, which makes the taste, and smell like tobacco and not hemp. Hemp and CBD are important to Beyond Tobacco and TAAT’s vision of providing smokers with a suitable approach to quitting nicotine addiction. TAAT Beyond Tobacco is designed without nicotine and chemicals evident in the conventional cigarettes

As a result of nicotine addiction, TAAT manufactured three flavors, Original, Smooth, and Menthol depicting the flavor of regular cigarette brands. For example, TAAT Original l flavor can be described as Original Hemp Cigarettes because they satisfy your smoking sense while giving you a minty hit of freshness. Additionally, TAAT Original represents similar characteristics to traditional cigarettes with a bold taste.

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Michael Scott